Your personalised shopping experience

Your personalised shopping

dUCk is an aspirational lifestyle brand for modest women globally. Narrated by D, the brand rose quickly in popularity across the world with scarves, bags, accessories, ready-to-wear, home & living and a beauty line, dUCk Cosmetics.

Today, it is known as The dUCk Group.

15% OFF your first purchase at or dUCk App

15% OFF your first purchase at or dUCk App

LILIT. is all about modest fashion solutions made for all. With a spin on modest fashion for the contemporary #lilitwoman, our priority is YOU and YOUR needs.

From classic essentials to fun and trendy pieces, LILIT. is here to elevate your looks with clothing that are fashionable, stylish and suitable for any occasion.

RM15 OFF your first purchase at llilitstore.comand LILIT. App

RM15 OFF your first purchase at and LILIT. App


Some of the question you might ask about FASHIONVALET

If you have previously registered under FashionValet, you can use your existing account to log in to and

Your existing store credit and reward points will be retained when you visit and under your registered account.

Why am I not able to view products or access FashionValet's website / mobile app?

We want to deliver a more personalized, seamless and optimized brand experience to you! With that, we are shifting our business direction to focus on dUCk and LILIT.

We welcome you to check out both brands’ dedicated websites at & If you are new, enjoy 15% off your first purchase at and RM15 off at with the first purchase code.

What is going to happen to dUCk and LILIT.? How can i access their site?

Both our dUCk and LILIT. sites will be operating as usual. You may access brand websites from the domains - and to be directed to the brand sites.

Both apps also have their own mobile applications so head over to the app stores & download these apps to enjoy extra perks, if you haven't already!

With this new layout, can I combine items in cart for the separate websites or will I have to checkout separately?

Yes, you will be able to have mix brands in cart and checkout from separate sites. For example, items added to cart in the dUCk website can be checked out in the LILIT. website and vice versa.

Do I need to create separate accounts to access brand sites?

If you already have an existing account with us, you won't be needing a new one. Simply login to your registered account in brand sites to access your account.

Don't want to register? Fret not because you can always checkout as Guest on both sites with the same seamless shopping experience.

What will happen to my data saved in FashionValet? Will it be erased?

All existing data from your FashionValet account will be retained. This will mean that you will be able to access your data, and that any remaining store credit and reward points can be used for the dedicated brand websites.

If you are a new user, you may create one account to be used for all the dedicated sites.

Will I be able to collect my online purchase in the dUCk/LILIT. stores? Simultaneously, can I shop for LILIT. but have it delivered to the dUCk store?

Yes, you may have your online orders delivered to any dUCk/LILIT. stores regardless if the items are from either brand.

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