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Bahulu Jumbo Hangus Blending Sponge in Black

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BAHULU is back in JUMBO size! It’s the perfect blending sponge for your makeup struggles!

  • Blend your foundation or any liquid/creamy textured makeup easily within seconds. 
  • It’s the most delicious makeup sponge you’ll ever come across (it looks good but don’t eat it!). 
  • Crafted to be ultra soft for the smoothest effect on your skin, flawless makeup is no longer impossible with BAHULU, which leaves no lines and streaks on your application!
  • Formulation & production country : China
  • Product life usage: 36M


  • Latex-free sponge 

*Beauty products, stationery, intimates, swimwear, home & living, accessories, including headbands and headscarves are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.