S. Baharim


S. Baharim

This Raya 2017, Syaiful Baharim brings another enchanting collection of pastel-hued "baju- kurungs" that perfectly showcases his brand of understated glamour for his diffusion line, S.Baharim.

Syaiful drew inspiration from those close and near. From client to confidantes, his relationships with these women provided the foundation of creating pieces inspired by the muses of his campaign. Beauty in strength and grace in resilience, these were the values exhibited by his muses, his dear friends - Tengku Chanela Jamidah, Datin Nurul Husna and Elyna Effendi. His aesthetics are in his classic cuts, their femininity highlighted by distinct characteristics; the flounce of his ruffles to the soft flows of his fabrics. A master of his craft, Syaiful expertly uses a sturdy organza fabric to create structured detailing in perfect juxtaposition against the soft, feminine silhouettes of each piece. In essence, this RAYA RTW17 stands true for the Baharim woman – a strong, classy and alluring woman. His aspirations for them can be seen from the tone of his campaign, a dark kind of beauty, his muses proudly showcasing their many facets – of feminine grace to a silent inner power that radiates their individualities seamlessly and beautifully.