KAYAN is founded by a husband and wife who share similar vision and worthy ideas. The brand was established middle last year where it started out as casual conversation by the spouse expressing his desire to wear wooden butang baju melayu on Hari Raya day. Casual conversation turns into serious business talk and soon the couple works together to set up the brand and run the business full time.

The brand produces everyday accessories for men and women that are made from wood. Fashion market for men was very niche, untouched and unsaturated at that particular moment. The couple saw this opportunity. When opportunity meets rare products, KAYAN believes it will hit the town. Having the right product at the right time will be a good starting point for them in the start­up business.

“Why does KAYAN choose woods to play with? This is because woods are raw yet they can turn into a timeless masterpiece with plain elegance." KAYAN hopes the community appreciates and sees the value in wooden accessories. Working around woods is challenging. It is hard work, patience and plenty of trial and error.