Gupta PLUS by SyomirIzwa


Gupta PLUS by SyomirIzwa
Celebrate your curves this season with Gupta PLUS by Syomirizwa. The collection is nourished by the conviction that life and art can approach one another through physical gestures, even for curvaceous women. Inspired by the fantasies of Turkish Harlem, SyomirIzwa cleverly plays with striking colors and lines of the Turkish interior and architecture.  The dry precision of sartorial discipline, meets vertical elongation and custom infinity print. Draped skirts paired with Kedah top, asymmetrical lines accompany the body, fluid draperies in jersey. Perceptive bewilderment characterizes the unconventional pairing of bold colors and vertical lines to create the illusion of balance and proportion. This collection nests the real sense of fashion today, for women of all sizes.  

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