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Cabana Cotton Balconnette in Pink


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    Keep your style even under all your clothes! Caely brings you style and comfort for women, now available on FashionValet!

    • 3 eye and 3 Lines
    • Moulded cup
    • Wired
    • Detatchable strap
    • Material: Cotton Blend

    Care instructions :

    • Hand wash
    • Never scrub a bra if you want to retain the natural shape.
    • Do not hang a wet bra on its straps as the weight will cause the straps to loose its elasticity.
    • Keep dry bras away from sunlight to avoid fading of colours and discolouration.
    • After washing, never leave it in a damp bathroom as this will cause the growth of mold.

    **Beauty products, intimates, swimwear, accessories, including headbands and headscarves are non-returnable

    Product measurements by designer:

    To get the bra size, use "underbust"

    Underbust (cm) 67.6 - 72.5 72.6 - 77.5 77.6 - 82.5 82.6 - 87.5 87.6 - 92.5
    Bra Size 32/70 34/75 36/80 38/85 40/90

    To get the cup size, get the difference between "upperbust" and "underbust"

    Cup A B C D E
    Variants (cm)
    Upperbust + Underbust
    10 - 15
    15 - 20
    20 - 25
    25 - 30

    *For detailed measurements, please refer to the size chart in the picture.