Ciara Leather Sneakers in Pink

Ciara Leather Sneakers in Pink

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Presenting the uber trendy shoes and bag collection by Mel & Molly! The brand that ranges from ultra feminine to cool and sleek, Mel & Molly makes the perfect style addition to complete your get up for any occasion, at any time.

  • Mel & Molly produces a collection with shoes and bag perfect for all types of occasion
  • Join in the sneaker craze with this super stylish pair!
  • Mix up your look by pairing this sleek shoes with a midi skirt and a basic shirt
  • Sneaker 
  • Lace up
  • Material: Leather (Upper), M. Fibre (Lining), M. Fibre (Insole), PU(Outsole)

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Mel and Molly are two extremes, yet the bestest of friends. They’ve known each other since forever, and they’ve never let their differences come between them. Mel is subtle and prefers take it one step at a time, whereas Molly loves the unexpected and the quirkyness of life. Both of them compliment each other’s void — you can be one, you can be both. Either way, you do you.