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Between the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes it is great to be able to tune out from the world around you for a little bit and be alone with your thoughts. Different people find escapism in different things – some people go to the beach, some go for a run, some explore new places alone. For me, one of my forms of escapism is doodling… hence this dUCk Drawing Book! Sometimes my doodles even turn out to be our Limited Edition designs!

Made from uncoated wood-free recycled paper, this drawing book has thick, white pages for you to comfortably let your imagination (and pen) run free. The pages are also perforated so it makes it easy for you to share your masterpieces with others; just tear the page out without ruining the bind. Easy peasy! Time to disconnect from reality, put your phone aside, and doodle away, dUCkies. Oh, don’t forget to share your doodles with us and hashtag #duckstationery too! – D.

  • Material : Hard cover, 135gsm uncoated wood-free recycled paper
  • Features : 96 pages, 2 sheets transparent paper, perforated pages
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