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Enya Premium Pads


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    • 12 pads
    • 6 day | 6 night

    Our mix box is designed to cater for regular flow and medium flow days. Made with 100% Organic Cotton

    Harvested and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, we chose cotton at its purest form specially for our down unders! Our vaginal skin is highly permeable, hence it is more prone to sensitivity.

    Organic cotton is more “ breathable ” and skin-friendly for your sensitive region, placing our period pads as one of the highly preferred conscious choices among women.

    Product Description

    • Day pad 240mm | Night pad 285 mm
    • Hypoallergenic surface to reduce the risks of irritation and allergy
    • Ultra-thin pads with wings
    • Great absorbency for day and night usage
    • Adhesive strip for a security fit
    Care instructions:
    • Do not flush pad down the toilet. 
    • When washing, do not twist and scrub the pad . Use a bidet to spray on it to clear off stain. 


    100% Organic cotton topsheet, high quality airlaid paper, 200g super absorbency paper, PE breathable backsheet, adhesive strip, release paper ( paper+silicone oil)