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Marble Cosmetic Pouch in White


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    I have an infatuation for marble - probably quite obvious from the marble that adorn my bathroom, living room, well, home! I love that no two marble is the same and that is why it has become an icon for refined taste and culture. this metamorphic product of nature has inspired the Marble Collection that you now hold in your hands.

    Crafted from high quality faux leather, this cosmetics pouch features a marble inspired print, embellished with dUCk’s signature gold hardware and lining to keep all your makeup safe. Custom designed to store your day-to-day makeup in a single bag in classy elegance.

  • dUCk Monogram Lining
  • Customized gold hardware
  • Comes in a white dust bag
  • Material: High quality faux leather
  • Measurements for product (in CENTIMETRES):

      One Size
    Width 27 cm
    Height 15 cm
    Depth 7 cm