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Pink Lakes Passport Holder in Pink


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    • Isn’t it remarkable that the Quran contains several verses that encourage travel?
    • Travel to seek the truth, to explore, to learn, to create, to trade, to migrate and more
    • One of our favourites is:
    • 29:20 Say, [O Muhammad], “Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation. Indeed Allah, over all things is competent"" (Sahih International)
    • This Passport Holder has been inspired by the Pink Lakes of Western Australia
    • These whimsical Pink Lakes change colour from red to bubble gum pink to a lilac purple according to seasons
    • Why the lakes are pink, leaves the scientists baffled, there are many theories but it is not conclusive
    • I guess God wants to keep us on our toes for our search for knowledge!
    • Features:
    • 1. Passport pocket
    • 2. Boarding pass pocket
    • 3. 3x card holders
    • 4. 2x sim card holders
    • 5. Eject pin holder
    • 6. Extra pockets
    • 7. Pen or cable holder
    • 8. RFID Protection
    • 9. Magnetic Closure
    • Material : Faux Leather, polyester lining, and RFID protection fabric
    • Disclaimer: The inside spine of the passport holders is wrinkly. This was done to reduce the weight of the passport holder. Each passport holder has been hand sewn, thus may have slight imperfections