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Poof! with nanotechnology in Denim Blue


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    For times when you want to elevate volume to your scarf drape, Poof! dUCk is the perfect solution to your hustle and bustle every day. This essential creation is designed specifically for super flattering, full volume drape and the best part is, this non-slip Poof! has a strong durability that helps to secure your hair and scarf in place all day long.

    These new ones come with anti-bacterial and odour control properties for added comfort. Made from non-slippery polyester, it’s easier for you to create a bun - tie your hair to your desired height and twist in this Poof! before slipping on your favourite dUCk to create your best look.

    • Material - Polyester with nanotechnology
    • Recommeneded to hand wash and line dry
    • For storage, stack or put in a container

    Beauty products, essentials and inners are non-returnable and non-exchangeable

    Measurements for product (in CENTIMETRES):

    One Size
    Diameter 22 cm x 57 cm