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The Malaysia Scarf - Seri Muka


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Every day we pass by roadside stalls selling an array of our traditional kuih-muih of all shapes and colours, without realising that they carry the Malaysian flag every single day. These delicacies are our ancestors’ legacy and Malaysia’s greatest treasures, and making kuih-muih is not as easy as it looks (I know because I’ve tried!). This dUCk is meant as a tribute not only to our local Malaysian desserts, but also to al Malaysian artisans who are carrying on one of our most precious legacy – without them, Malaysia would taste so bland. - D.

Crafted from high quality satin silk, this scarf drapes and falls beautifully no matter how you style it. Representing 3 of our favourite local kuih, and in conjunction with Malaysia Day, this Limited Edition collection pays tribute to the thing that unites us as a nation; our Malaysian dessert, as well as the artisans who work so hard to continue the legacy of our ancestors. With recipes and skills that have been passed down through many generations, these artisans are as much a national treasure as our kuih muih are.

The Yummy dUCk is embellished with the brand’s signature silver dUCk charm and finished with its signature hem detail. It is beautifully encased in its own specially designed hard casing and a personalised thank you card from D, making it a perfect choice for gifts, too.

Measurements for product (in CENTIMETRES):


  One Size
Length 176 cm
Width 68 cm