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The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai Leisure Pants - Cendol

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When the day gets hot, cendol is what we’ve got! Under our tropical sun, the sight of shaved ice and squiggly jellies in sweet coconut milk will make anyone delirious. We especially love how this cool dessert can be found across all Malay, Chinese and Indian vendors. A shared heritage and Malaysian pride, I’d say.

Being Malaysian means having a collective love for food. With our multicultural society, food is our symbol of unity and this is just one of the few delicious spreads we have created in The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai collection. Wherever you are, you’ll be set to bond over this familiar taste when you have a piece of Malaysia on you! 

  • Satin side trim detail pants
  • Mid rise
  • Gartered waist with dUCk drawcord
  • Side pockets
  • Material: High-quality rayon
  • Comes in its own drawstring bag

About the collection:

Kenji Chai, the renowned graffiti artist with a remarkable take on the Malaysian scene, poured his love for local foods onto dUCks for this year’s national day. The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai sees a delicious line-up of scarves, ready-to-wear, mini shopping bags, and stationeries in a true Malaysian fashion over the familiar taste of Nasi Lemak, Prawn Mee, Asam Laksa and Cendol.

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Product measurements given are in INCHES

 The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai Leisure Pants UK 6 - XS UK 8 - S UK 10 - M UK 12 - L UK 14 - XL
Waist  24    26    28    30    32   
Hip  35    37    39    41    45   
Length  37    37    38    38    39   
Hemline Opening  32 1/2 33    33 1/2 34    34 1/2
Front Crotch  12 1/2 12 3/4 13 13 1/4 13 1/2
Back Crotch  16 1/2 16 3/4 17    17 1/4 17 1/2

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