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The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai Shawl in Prawn Mee


What’s a little spicy, a lot savoury with a hint of sweetness? Prawn mee! We can agree that this hearty bowl of noodle soup is a testament to our people. Takes hard work to prepare, dedication to complete and generous in its portion. Our amazing hawkers definitely made us proud in every way.

With our multicultural society, food is our symbol of unity and this is just one of the few delicious spreads we have created in The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai collection. Made from high-quality Satin Silk fabric, this limited edition scarf comes with a unique duo hanging charm, featuring the dUCk silhouette and a Malaysian flavour with Kenji’s signature.

  • Available in Shawl and Square
  • Comes in its own customised hard box
  • Material: High-quality satin silk

About the collection:
Kenji Chai, the renowned graffiti artist with a remarkable take on the Malaysian scene, poured his love for local foods onto dUCks for this year’s national day. The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai sees a delicious line-up of scarves, ready-to-wear, mini shopping bags, and stationeries in a true Malaysian fashion over the familiar taste of Nasi Lemak, Prawn Mee, Asam Laksa and Cendol.

Each dUCk comes beautifully wrapped in its own box - and whilst dUCk boxes are considered collectibles, its true quality comes from its fully-recyclable nature, together with the usage of eco-friendly protective tissue paper – making the box completely recyclable and reusable. In our ongoing effort towards sustainability, the purple postbox at the dUCk store in Suria KLCC collects dUCk boxes for closed-loop recycling. It’s a sweet solution to reduce our carbon footprint and secure sustainably sourced materials to create more dUCk boxes.

*Beauty products, stationery, home & living, bags, accessories, face masks, including headbands and headscarves are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

Other Colours for The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai Shawl

Measurements for product (in CENTIMETRES):

One Size
Length 172 cm
Width 67 cm