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The Singapore Scarf in White

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dUCk is the new cool for lifestyle wear and living. For stylish ladies who appreciate a dash of luxury in their lives, dUCk offers scarf collections and stationeries in exciting colours and print designs. dUCk scarves delivers beautifully made scarves ranging from Premium Basics in a wide variety of colour to unique Limited Edition prints, as well as high-quality scarf inners. Each colour and design is inspired by the stories and adventures of dUCk’s brand ambassador, D! It’s time to get dUCk-ed!

The Singapore dUCk is making its long-awaited comeback, dUCkies! But this time ‘round, it returns in a range of irresistible colours that will: a) tug at your heartstrings, b) leave you awestruck, c) leave you thinking about them day and night, or d) all of the above!

Singapore has always been like my home away from home, which was why I chose it as the second city to be featured in our dUCk in the City collection. The familiar and elegant skyline boasting the proud Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer, and the beautiful skyscrapers of the busy Central Business District holds a special place in my heart; as do the people and culture here – they are distinct in their character, yet still similar enough to Malaysia so that Singapore is still very much in my comfort zone! The Lion City has given me so many fond memories since my childhood days and coloured my life in so many ways – I can only hope that the new colours of the Singapore dUCk are able to bring beautiful colours to yours too. – D.

Crafted from high quality satin silk that is both light and boasts beautiful drapes, this dUCk is well-suited to hot weather, making it perfect for a day out in the sun! The dUCk in the City collection features unique sketches or recreations of international city skylines with dUCk’s signature silver dUCk charm and signature hem detailing and a personalised thank you card from D. The Singapore dUCk comes in its own specially designed box, so it makes a lovely choice for gifts too!

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