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Tropical Boreh Scrub Sachet

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  • Tanamera Tropical Boreh Scrub, comes in 6 sachets of 20gm each and a 60ml bottle of Rose Floral Water is adapted from the famous balinese boreh is a 100% natural formula used to exfoliate, soften and fragrance your skin. 
  • Boreh is Also used as a body warmer and skin soother. 
  • Widely used in a balinese spa, the floral boreh is now brought to you in easy single use sachets. 
  • Combine with rose floral water to enhance skin softening, toning and healing properties of the scrub.
  • Formulated and made in Malaysia
  • Halal certified
  • Product life usage: 36M
  • Product measurements: 6 x 20gm sachets oF Tanamera Tropical Boreh Scrub. 1 x 60ml Tanamera Rose Floral Water


  • Mix the contents of 1 sachet with 50ml of water. 
  • Mix until you get a thick paste and add 10ml of Tanamera Rose Floral Water. 
  • Apply Tanamera Tropical Boreh Scrub paste all over the body. 
  • Wait for it to be half dry and scrub in a gentle circular motion. 
  • Rinse excess scrub and shower as normal. Use body lotion as a finishing touch.
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