Your Wardrobe Essentials
Your Wardrobe Essentials
Fine Knit Loungewear
Fine Knit Loungewear
Get Active, Get Lit
Get Active, Get Lit
Your Wardrobe Essentials
Your Wardrobe Essentials
Fine Knit Loungewear
Fine Knit Loungewear
Get Active, Get Lit
Get Active, Get Lit



Vaccine Friendly Fits SHOP NOW

Vaccine Friendly Fits

Getting jabbed has never looked so LIT! Here are a few outfit ideas for your next vaccination appointment.
Home Workout Fits SHOP NOW

Home Workout Fits

It’s time to GET ACTIVE this FMCO in our activewear, with no compromise for modesty, functionality and most importantly style!
WFH but Keep It Comfy SHOP NOW

WFH but Keep It Comfy

Comfort is key when working from home. Say goodbye to your Pajamas, because these outfits are about to be your staple pieces while working from home


This instant hijab is what I will grab when I’m in a hurry. Quick and easy. Things I can leave behind: inner and pins. Both of which I cant be bothered with when I need to be quick. The attached inner comes with straps which make the fit adjustable! The fabric is light with a ribbed yet smooth and stretchy texture. There is enough room in the inner for your bun or bun volumixer. I’ve used this as a turban as well with no difficulty.

I do however find that after a while the parts near my ears feel a bit suffocating due to the stitching that I have to readjust every once in a while.

I would like to see this with a different textured inner as to have less slip on the hair. Also in the main scarf in other textures that you carry like the stretchy chiffon.

Since there are still some room for improvement, I will give this a 3.5/5
Lilit’s new Textured Satin Set is the best set that I’ve gotten from this brand so far! It’s easy to style, the material is so soft, comfortable & breathable, suitable to be worn in such a hot day. The silhouette of the skirt is also made to perfection, especially the flowy effect it gives while walking is just dreamy 🥰 To top everything off the colour blue of this set is as magical, its nothing but love for this set honestly!
I have been waiting for your comeback set cause I didn’t manage to grab it last time. Really love this set. So comfy and easy to style.
I love this set of blouse and skirt! It is not like the other satin, but a textured satin. It looks great and luxurious. The quality is excellent. I never thought that I could wear this blouse and skirt, and visiting the zoo! Even with the hot weather, it is super comfy, loose, and relax. It is so pretty and stylish and you can wear the blouse with jeans as well. The colour is great, but I am thinking about getting another in a different color…because if it’s this good, why not? 😊✨
Lighter material than the previous one. Comfortable even in malaysia weather and most importantly ironless. The outfit set makes me look good effortlessly. I'll give it 10! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

It's practically my uniform. My go-to outfit almost every day . How can I give it any less?
I’m so in love with this dress ! It’s bring out the best of me, giving me my signature look that I’m comfortable with
What I love the most about this telekung is the design of the hand😍 I can read quran or playing with my phone without having to pull out my hand from the telekung. The pocket on the skirt also helps me to put my basic essentials when i have to pray outside. I love the material that gives cooling effect to the wearer.
The LILIT kaftan was the perfect wear for a hot summer day in windy Wellington NZ 🌞 Love how the kaftan works two ways, can be worn both indoors & outdoors 🙈

I would give it a 4.5 star
I absolutely adore the trendy styles this store offers. The clothes fit so well, super comfy and they look amazing on hijabi like me. I really appreciate this option and the quality of the goods is so great. Thank you so much for making me feel beautiful and comfy!

I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This outfit is super confit and The material is comfortable for me and can suit to everyone because already had inner inside not transparent Love it.Thank you so much 😍


We LOVE to see u all & your unique style. Pls keep tagging
Some of you guessed it right, but the guessing game is not over yet! It’s time to fill in the blanks to the name of our newest collection ✨
Meet your new bestie in dress form! Swipe to see why 😉

✨Nursing Friendly
✨Baby / Food Bump Friendly
OMG! It's Sunday already? How time flies when you're busy napping and relaxing! Speaking of relaxing, did you know that our  Textured Highneck Dress is stretchy and ironless? 💖
What looks good and feels great? Our Tiered Cotton Dress of course! For all you nursing mommies, you're in for a treat😉

💖 Magnetic buttons
💖 Nursing friendly
💖 Baby bump friendly
💖 Loose fit
X Marks the spot #lilitwoman! You're about to be whisked away to somewhere filled with exciting culture, music and food. Can you guess where we will be taking you with this new collection 😉
Cake for breakfast? Yes please! If you ever hear the food in your fridge calling for you, you're not alone because we hear it too 😉
We all love an easy slip on dress that is also comfy and stretchable. Our high neck drawstring dress is just what you need 😉 And the best part is, its now on SALE!
It's every nursing mother's dream✨ Our Tiered Cotton Dress comes with magnetic buttons - Say goodbye to the hassle of undoing buttons!
Reading a book always takes us to somewhere new in our mind ✨ It's just so hard to stop reading once we've gotten into the book! Any bookworms here feel the same way too🙌🏼

Oh and pssst shes wearing our Highneck Tiered Dress in Lilac😉
Take your pick! You're about to be spoiled with a range of colour choices available. The perfect comfy fit to throw on at home that also looks so chic ! 😉💖
Nursing Mommies, we got YOU! Did you know that our Highneck Tiered Dress comes with a side invisible zipper on both sides?! 🙌🏼😉
Don't you ever just imagine your mop stick is a standing microphone when doing chores!🎙What's your favourite song to jam to while cleaning? 

P.s: Shes wearing our Highneck Tiered Dress in Black💖
Flowy dresses never fail to make us feel magical ✨ Your favourite tiered dress now comes in a softer textured crepe material that'll make you look and feel so dreamy!

Swipe for deets💖
There's no such thing as too many striped tops! These Comeback Sets are extremely comfy, perfect for your current WFH situation - Trust us, you'll want to change out of your pajamas into these cute sets😉
Here's a little surprise for you! We have a few fun dresses up our sleeves coming to you tonight too! We bet you didn't see that coming 😉
Work from home be like... working hard or hardly working 🤭 Do you ever feel like taking a 5 minute nap but you wake up 5 hours later? Well, US TOO! 

But it's okay, as long as you're awake for our Striped Comeback Set at 10PM😉
It's an
We hope you've had a great start to your week! Treat yourself and your body by joining us for a LIVE Lower Body Workout session with @trainwithtyra at 8.15pm tomorrow. You can thank us later😉
Our cooling face mask is back by popular demand 💥These masks will keep you from feeling stuffy while double masking with its cooling and breathable properties- and did you know, its reusable too!?
Oh for the love of STRIPES! A little sneak peek to what's coming to you real soon😉 Hint: Its comfy, oversized and it's making a 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙗𝙖𝙘𝙠 in Stripes!

Let the guessing game begin💖
When we think of versatility and comfort, we think of our ABAYA! It's easy to throw on and you could even wear anything underneath from the matching inner dress or even pajamas for those last minute grocery runs🤭🙌🏼
These scrunchies are about to add some VOLUME! If you love a voluminous bun, these scrunchies are the one for you - Not to mention they're so cute to wear on your wrist too🙌🏼💖
If you haven't already, you've got to get your hands on our Lace Inner! It's the inner you know and love, but with a lace cuff to add that feminine twist 😉💖
Before the weekend ends, lets soak in some sunshine and remember that better days are coming! How have you been feeling #lilitwoman? Lets have a chat!

Credit: @sun_sprinkles
Elevate your look with a monochromatic fit! For those days when you're in a rush, or even too lazy to think of pairings, monochrome fits are the go-to🙌🏼😉


Stay comfy while looking chic as our pieces are made with high quality breathable and lightweight material


Our pieces are specifically curated with the goal to uplift and empower women


We take a spin on modest fashion by combining fashionable pieces with modest solutions