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Magic Inner with nanotechnology in Brown


dUCk is the new cool for scarves. For stylish ladies who appreciate a dash of luxury in their lives, dUCk offers scarf collections ranging from premium basics in a wide variety of colours to unique prints, as well as high-quality scarf inners. Each colour and design is inspired by the stories and adventures of dUCk’s brand ambassador, D.

Crafted from high quality 100% lycra cotton, dUCk’s scarf inners are free-size and are adorned with dUCk’s signature silver dUCk charm. This stretchable, non-slip Magic Inner provides a cooling feature that makes it comfortable for all-day wear. Every dUCk scarf inner purchase comes in its own dUCk envelope.

  • Material: 100% Lycra Cotton
Other Colours for dUCk's Magic Inner with nanotechnology

Measurements for product (in CENTIMETRES): 

  One Size
Length 38cm
Bottom Length 18cm
Face Opening 44cm