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The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai Collar Shirt - Asam Laksa

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Fiery like our bravery, that’s asam laksa for you! Closely paying tribute to our diverse country, asam laksa is in fact made with a perfect mix of cultural influences. That’s how we get the robust, tangy flavour we all love to dive into. Truly a harmonious blend for a national treasure served in a bowl.

Being Malaysian means having a collective love for food. With our multicultural society, food is our symbol of unity and this is just one of the few delicious spreads we have created in The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai collection. Wherever you are, you’ll be set to bond over this familiar taste when you have a piece of Malaysia on you! 

  • Embroidered shirt
  • Collared neckline
  • Front button fastening
  • dUCk and Kenji Chai custom buttons
  • High-low
  • Relaxed fit
  • Material: High-quality cotton twill
  • Comes in its own drawstring bag

About the collection:

Kenji Chai, the renowned graffiti artist with a remarkable take on the Malaysian scene, poured his love for local foods onto dUCks for this year’s national day. The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai sees a delicious line-up of scarves, ready-to-wear, mini shopping bags, and stationeries in a true Malaysian fashion over the familiar taste of Nasi Lemak, Prawn Mee, Asam Laksa and Cendol.

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Product measurements given are in INCHES

The Merdeka dUCk by Kenji Chai Classic Shirt UK 6 - XS UK 8 - S UK 10 - M UK 12 - L UK 14 - XL
Shoulder  17 1/2 18    18 1/2 19    19 1/2
Bust  40    42    44    46    48   
Hem  42 1/2 44 1/2 46 1/2 48 1/2 50 1/2
Length of Sleeve  21 3/4 21 3/4 21 3/4 22 1/4 22 1/4
Length of Top frm HPS  27 1/4 27 1/4 27 1/4 27 3/4 27 3/4
Length of Top frm Back 28 1/2 28 1/2 28 1/2 29    29   
Sleeve Opening 6 3/4 7 1/4 7 3/4 8 1/4 8 3/4

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